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To register, please go to

Once registered, the Ninety Plus team will review and confirm your registration and approve you as a bidder.

Please purchase a BNP 2017 Auction Tasting Kit no later than 14 days before auction day to allow sufficient time for evaluation. Available through the registration process, the BNP 2017 Auction Tasting Kit can be purchased for USD $350, which, in the case an auction lot is won, will be credited towards its purchase.

The BNP 2017 Auction Tasting Kit includes:

  • 200 g green coffee samples of 9 BNP 2017 Auction Lots
  • Roasted coffee samples of all 11 BNP 2017 Auction Lots
  • BNP 2017 Auction Lot Info Cards with bamboo stands to use when tasting
  • 8g NP Gesha Flower

BNP 2017 Auction Day

The Best of Ninety Plus 2017 Auction will be held on September 13th, 2017 online at Opening bids will start at 1:00PM BST ( 12:00 GMT/UTC0) London time.

Los Angeles: 5:00AM ( 05:00) *
New York: 8:00AM ( 08:00) *
London: 1:00PM ( 13:00) *
Beijing: 8:00PM ( 20:00)
Taipei 8:00 PM ( 20:00)
Tokyo: 9:00PM ( 21:00)
Seoul: 9:00PM ( 21:00)
Sydney: 10:00PM ( 22:00)

*Indicates Daylight Saving Time


Can anyone bid?

You must register on our site and be approved prior to participating in the auction. A Ninety Plus representative will review and notify of approval within 24 hours of receiving your registration. Roasters and Retailers large and small can bid individually or as a group under one registration. Green Coffee Trading Companies are also welcome to register. Individual coffee lovers are also welcome to register and bid.

How do I bid?

Please read our “ How to Bid” section on our site. 

What is the Opening Bid?

Most auctions have a single opening bid price (reserve price). Due to the nature of scarcity, complexity and quality, we have set individual pricing per lot. The opening bid ranges from $80-$300/kg ($36.29-$136.08/lb), with an exception to our Gesha Flower lots, which they start from $1000/kg ($453.60/lb).



What are the sizes of each BNP 2017 Auction Lot?

Lot sizes range from 1kg-100kg. For more information about the lots and samples, please navigate to the “ Lots” page.

How are the BNP 2017 Auction Lots packaged?

All BNP 2017 Auction Lots are packaged in branded 10kg “ Innovation Bags”. Innovation Bags have an outer, tough multi-ply paper layer and an inner with a liner plastic liner as an oxygen and moisture barrier. These bags are 100% recyclable.

“Innovation Bags give me the assurance that my coffee will survive the journey from producing country to my door and that that quality will be maintained for a longer period than can be achieved with any other packaging on the market.” -- Lucy Ward, Procurement Strategist, Quality Assurance, Licensed Q Grader for St. Ali Australia.

Where can I find detailed information on the BNP 2017 Auction Lots?

BNP Auction Lot information is available on the “ Lots” page.

Can you tell me general information about the BNP 2017 Auction Lots?

The BNP 2017 Auction Lots are categorized into the following three series:

José Alfredo Series (Lots 203, 219, 227, and 236)

José Alfredo is the General Manager of Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama, and in 2016, his tiny 3 kilogram experimental lot was sent as a surprise to Ninety Plus Founder and Steward of Taste, Joseph Brodsky. Joseph was floored by the completely new flavor of this wild, industry norm shattering process. He encouraged José Alfredo to produce a series of these coffees at a slightly larger scale in 2017. The results represent Ninety Plus’ largest flavor innovation of the year. There are no coffees like this in the world outside of this series. This signature José Alfredo fermentation style delivers unprecedented complexity in the cup and promises an expanded future of the mind-boggling taste experiences displayed in this exciting series. If there are singular coffees that represent the great future of coffee, they are the coffees of the José Alfredo Series.

Semeon Abay Series (Lots SA16 and SA17)

Classic Series (Lots 95, 209, 233, and 254)

As a traditional washed coffee, the gesha variety is known for its citrus and floral cup qualities. With the three lots in this series, Ninety Plus displays its excellence in producing this classic cup, while enhancing mouthfeel and complexity through advances in its signature fermentation processes.

What do the BNP 2017 Auction Lot numbers mean?

Every harvest season, we track every batch (lot) of cherries that we process, in consecutive order, and assign a batch number. We produced and evaluated well over 300 batches in 2017 and have selected favorites to be offered as BNP 2017 Auction Lots.

Why are you displaying your prices as price per kilogram?

Most of our clients are using the metric system.

To convert kilograms to pounds:

Multiply kilograms by 2.2046 (example: 100 kg x 2.2046 = 220.46 lb)

To convert pricing in kilograms to pricing in pounds:

Divide price in kilograms by 2.2046 (example: $120/kg ÷ 2.2046 = $54.43/lb)


When will my BNP Tasting Kit be shipped?

Your BNP Auction Tasting Kit will ship between the dates of August 14th and September 4th. Because we want to showcase our coffees in their full glory, we will roast the samples in multiple sessions only a few days (1 or 2) before shipment days, in order to ensure that you can have them freshly roasted and ready to be cupped or brewed right when you receive the Auction Kit.

Where will my winning auction lot ship from?

Our gesha profiles will ship EXW Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, Panama (Silla De Pando, Volcan). Our Ethiopian profiles will ship EXW Ninety Plus Coffee, Miami, FL. Freight charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Ninety Plus can quote competitive shipping rates through major providers on request.

What are my payment options?

Payment must be made via bank wire transfer within 10 days after auction day. If payment is not received on time, then the coffee will be sold to other bidders. Full payment instructions will be sent to each winning bidder.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us by e-mail at: